A Modern Missions Experience in Latin America

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We have arrived. The flights were non eventful and we made it to our hotel beds around 1am.
Lima is a large city of about 8.5 million. I am thankful Donna is here. She is fluent and experienced in Latin America.
This morning we awoke to the preparations of a parade outside our hotel. Many uniformed policia and business men preparing to march. To my disappointment we missed the procession. But we visited a very nice and modern shopping area in a district called Miraflores. The shops were overwhelmingly American. I think we are saving our tourist dollars for the authentic Inca items.
Next we took a typical double decker tour bus through the city. During the tour we visited cloister San Fransisco, a very ornate church, monastery and catacombs. No pictures were allowed in the catacombs.
We are now waiting for our ride out to Trapiche, a small pueblo (no electricity) and a small congregation.
Gerson (Narcisso’s son) has just arrived. Travel note: they kiss the cheek upon greeting. 🙂
Hasta pronto.

Help Us Gear Up to Go to Peru

On July 28, Jill Van Buren, Jeanene Burns and I will be travelling from our church home at Hilltop Bible Church, along with William Anderson and his daughter Evelyn, from Houston, Texas, to visit Walking Man, Narciso Zamora in Cajamarca, Peru. Among a variety of mission-related activities, we’ll be visiting areas where Pastor Zamora is trying to plant churches, or has recently established small congregations. And we don’t want to show up empty-handed!

Pastor Zamora suggested that the most useful thing we could bring is materials to work with children. Lots of these new congregations begin with a Sunday school children’s ministry, then eventually, the more reserved, if not skeptical, adults follow. We would like to invite your collaboration with us to bring children’s Bible lessons in Spanish, coloring pages, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, flannel board and flannel patterns and more to the fledgling churches that are located in some of the poorest regions of an already poor country. Even in some of the more established congregations, typical Sunday school materials might consist only of paper and pencil.

Between the three of us leaving here from Arkansas, we can bring about 120 pounds of materials. Will you help us reach this goal?

If you live in Clarksville, Ark., you could drop your donation of materials or money at Hilltop Bible Church on Hwy 164, two miles east of Horsehead Lake. You can also mail a check to Hilltop Bible Church, 10257 Hwy 164, Clarksville, AR 72830. Please put «Peru trip supplies» in the memo. If you prefer to pay via PayPal, send your payment to info@thequilldriver.com, and add the message «Peru trip supplies». We cannot provide a receipt for tax purposes for donations made through PayPal, as The Quilldriver, publisher of Walking Man, is not a nonprofit. Or, if you know Jeanene, Jill or me personally, feel free to give us your donation in person. We are bringing back remembrances of either an Alpaca hat, socks or gloves for anyone making a donation of more than $20 (or $20 worth of supplies). The images below are representative of these cuddly one-size-fits-most hand-made goods. Please specify in a note which you prefer: hat, gloves or socks. Colors will vary. Also, anyone making a donation who would like to learn more about the ministry of Narciso Zamora, I would be happy to provide you with a copy of Walking Man: A Modern Missions Experience in Latin America.

For donations of $20 or more, please select a remembrance: gloves, hat or socks, all are one size fits most and handmade of Alpaca wool. Colors will vary.

Thanks in advance for your financial support, and regardless of your ability to support this effort monetarily, we ask that you lift us up in prayer. Here are some specific ways we would appreciate prayer: That God would make our path straight as we prepare for this journey; give us competency to prepare well and keep us healthy and our families healthy throughout the timeframe of this trip. Jill, William and I are leaving minor children at home with spouses for the two weeks we’re gone, so we ask for your prayers for their care and safety, as well as ours, and that there won’t be too much «missing» going on. Please pray that we would humbly interact with the brothers and sisters we are going to meet in Peru, and that our spirit would be one of servitude. Please pray that we would remain constantly cognizant of our purpose, and that all differences in culture, changes in altitude and possible travel glitches would be cause for joy, as they remind us of our great privilege of bringing glory to God through this trip. And of course, we pray that our presence and presents will be of spiritual blessing and bear fruit in His time.

Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to get updates when Jill, Jeanene or one of the others post updates about experiences and the way in which God is working before, during and after this trip. Subscribing is free and just means you get an email notification of the posts, instead of having to check the blog for updates. Convenient!

Thanks for starting this journey with us!

Donna Lee Schillinger, Publisher, The Quilldriver