A Modern Missions Experience in Latin America


This trip took about 1 1/2 hours from Lima. It seems almost half that time was spent driving out of the city. It is large, with an abundance of traffic. Many cars, taxis, buses and horns, horns everywhere. As expected we passed many deprived neighborhoods. This was very humbling.

When we arrived in Trapiche we were greeted with hugs and kisses. This caught me off guard and it took me several minutes to regain my composure. I was touched by their sincerity.

Two years ago when Donna, Jeanene and others from our church visited Trapiche their church building was constructed of cane mats for walls and a tarp roof. They are now in four bricked walls and a tin roof. And I believe I saw two light bulbs, which were turned on after dark.

The church sang a song with a tambourine and a drum and enthusiastic hand clapping. Donna, Gerson (Narcisso’s son) and the two men who came with us all spoke briefly. As did Evelyn, Donna’s younger sister. Jeanene said a few words and Donna translated. I wanted to contribute so I led them in “God is so Good” because it has few words and is easy to sing in Spanish.

We then passed out glow sticks to the kids. This was exciting and new for them. Also, we passed out individual packages of soap, toothpaste, colors, etc. that were given to us by members of our church.

During the meeting the older women were busy outside preparing a dinner for us over a wood fire. They served us chicken noodle soup and a semi popped corn. It was all good.

As we started to leave the children kept asking when we would return. We could only answer that we didn’t know. How I wish it wasn’t so far to get to them. Our goodbyes were the same as the hellos. Kissing and hugging and utterances of hermana (sister).

My heart is full and heavy for these people. We all serve the same God and yet our lives are so different. What do I take away from this experience, what can I do?


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  1. Lisa Wilde Hunt

    I know that they felt your love and concern. Thanks for sharing your experience. It doesn’t take long to look around and be humbled and grateful for our many blessings. Much love to you, Jill.

    agosto 3, 2011 en 5:16 pm

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