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Moving On Before Things Come to a Standstill in Cajamarca

Foreign companies mine gold and other minerals and metals in the mountains outside of Cajamarca. The people of Cajamarca are objecting to the large quanties of water the process uses, among other environmental challenges.

Tomorrow begins a general strike in the city of Cajamarca and the news reports are that it will last indefinitely until there is a resolution to the concerns about the mining companies in the State of Cajamarca. I’m concerned that the strike will close the roads and airport, so Udelia and I are leaving here on Wednesday to go to Lima, to make sure I can travel to the States on June 13.


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Lots of Tracts, Udelia and Upcoming Travels

Since entering into a strategic alliance with Christian Triumph Co. to print and distribute literature in Peru, we have distributed about 20,000 tracts – surprising even to me!

Udelia’s health is particulary bad just now and we are making frequent trips to the clinic. Prayers please.

Also, I have an upcoming trip to the U.S. planned – June 16 to July 2. I will mostly be in Texas with maybe quick trips to Oklahoma and/or Arkansas. Please contact me if you’d like me to visit your church in one of those states. I’ll need to nail down my schedule by the end of this month. In Texas, John Anderson, an accomplished young opera singer, is going around with me to offer a few songs of praise to go with my speaking. Should be interesting! Here’s a video of a performance of his.