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A First for the Walking Man – In the Jungle

Guest post by Donna Lee Schillinger

A group of six of from Hilltop Bible Church just finished a two-week trip in Peru, hanging out with the Walking Man, Narciso Zamora. It was an awesome trek in which we retraced our way from Chota in the mountains back to Narciso’s spiritual roots, outside the jungle town of Moyobamba. We had the privilege of meeting his spiritual parents – the family that took him in when he was “yet a sinner” and loved him into the family of God – Don Jose Tiburcio and Doña Emelina. We also met mots of the grown children of the family, and were hosted for two nights by “Agucho”, the oldest brother (Agustin).

Narciso spent more than two years with that family, and after they helped him through seminary in Lima, he returned to the jungle and worked there for two more years…which was why it was rather surprising to learn that Narciso had never held a monkey! Well, we remedied that!

We set out in boat from Iquitos, motoring two hours on the Amazon, before coming to the Amazon King lodge, near a tiny jungle town – more like a settlement – I looked for it Google Maps, and well, it doesn’t make Google, it’s off the grid. Near the lodge is a small animal rescue operation where we were able to hold and touch a lot of jungle animals that live there while they are on the mend. They were not in cages and were free to roam and go whenever they wanted, including the anaconda that was featured in this video. It was like being behind the scenes at a zoo, but better! Here’s a brief compilation of some of our jungle fun, and in particular, the historic first of Narciso holding a monkey! (Note his joy! Haha)