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Here Comes the Rain Again

This picture of the recent mission group working with the children in Cajamarca show the tin roof we're having problems with now that rainy season has begun.

Well, the rains have begun in Cajamarca and they are complicating our meeting in the church in Cajamarca, because rain comes in everywhere with just our ill-fitted tin roof. I think we will move evening services to twice a week, one in one home, another in another home. While it doesn’t rain in the mornings, we will continue to have Sunday school for the children who come to sing, pray, do crafts and Bible Studies. We’re hoping these rains bring the blessing of funds for a proper roof.

In October, I will travel to Piura to visit a man who is asking for 10,000 tracts from Christian Triumph – I hope to be able to find his home! Then the following week, I will be travelling to a new place where we will hand out testaments and tracts and have some meetings in a school for some Bible studies. We’re praying that God will give us victory and that people will accept Jesus as their savior. The place is far from here – four hours by car then two on foot. We will have to carry the literature on horseback. It might also be possible to take our projector and show a film – that brings people in.

Back to Chota and then to the Coast

Outskirts of Chota

Outskirts of Chota

I have been in Chota again, but this time out in the county, to help a small church. This Monday, I’m leaving again for three days out in the country to have evangelistic services and see about possibly helping a new church that is starting up in the mountains. On Sept 3, I travel to the coast to do a seminar on evangelism and do an evangelistic campaign. Prayers, please.
Narciso Zamora

Estuve nuevamente en chota pero por el campo, para ayudar a una iglesia pequeña. Este lunes salgo nuevamente para el campo por 3 días para tener cultos con gente inconversa y ver las posibilidades de ayudar a levantar una iglesia que esta levantandose por las montañas. El 3 de septiembre viajo a la costa para dar un seminario sobre evangelismo y hacer una campaña evangelsitica. oraciones por favor.
Narciso Zamora

Shop till You Drop on Market Day at Caraz

Here’s the last of the videos we produced for our presentation at Hilltop Bible Church following our mission trip to Peru. Enjoy this colorful walk through a Peruvian market. BTW, there is an error in this video, that is, something is not quite right about the whole thing. Would love for someone to bust me on it! Look and listen.

Suffer the Children?

Hard to believe there are actually people who feel they have to suffer the children. Take a look at this sample of shining faces we met in Cajamarca, Chota and Bambamarca. Toward the start of the video, you’ll see us working on materials. We took some things folks in our church had leftover from years gone by, but while there, we also printed out three months worth of lessons for four age groups, and made flannel graphs. We made 30 sets of lessons and 15 flannel sets, including 9 stories for each congregation. We only completed one of the seven do-it-yourself flannel lessons (see Jonah story in video), and then provided all the materials for the congregations to finish the other six. The other two flannel sets each church got were “store bought” (donated by Dorothy Kennedy and our church). May not sound like much, but those brief flashes of our work day are actually representing a 12-hour work day times four people, plus Bill and Baltazar helping out for about three or four hours each, plus random good Samaritan Daniel (pictured in flannel board making scene) plus about five hours times two people in Cajamarca one day buying supplies and getting copies and printouts made, plus time to find and download all the materials, plus more! All in all, about 100 combined hours of labor of love.

We gave the leaders a brief (!) demonstration on their use, but I’m thinking it was much too brief. Just got word from Narciso today that he would like us to return next year and do a two-day workshop on children’s ministry. We also left a fund of 500 soles with the regional pastors group to reimburse churches who make photocopies of the lessons. If each of the churches used the materials each week, the fund would probably last about four months. Really doesn’t seem like much and when you see these faces… just makes a body want to do MORE!

The View from the Andes

Thanks to Jill for sharing regarding our ministry
opportunities in Trapiche and Granja Porcon, and indeed that was the purpose of
the trip, but as Narciso said of me more than one, “A esa Hermana Dana le pican
los pies,” which means loosely, I can’t sit still. In fact, I coined a motto
for the trip during a planning e-mail: “We can sleep back in the States.” I
wanted everyone to be prepared for a maxed out schedule – taking advantage of
every waking moment we had.

Whereas there were those dull brushing teeth moments, and we
did need some sleep, this trip did not disappoint. From sharing meals with new
friends, to hitting the road at 4 a.m. with the Walking Man, to seeing, smelling,
sampling and singing, every day was brimming with sensuality in its purest
form. Really, it’s kind of hard to describe… But here’s a short video from days
2 and 3 of the trip to give a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

Enjoy, Donna Lee Schillinger


Granja Porcon

We´ve just finished our week at Granja Porcon. Monday-Wednesday was a pastor´s conference. Donna had two speaking sessions and Jeanene and I enjoyed meeting the conference attendees and also the Porcon people. During the teaching sessions we three would sit in the near back rows so that Donna could translate for Jeanene and me. They were excellent topics and I´m glad God placed me there.

On Wednesday evening Donna and I, along with Narcisso, Udelia and Alberto, a Chilean pastor rode back down to Cajamarca. Thursday morning the two of us were off to shop for children´s supplies. This was great fun. Our first stop was an internet cafe were Donna printed off Bible lessons she had previously downloaded. This took over an hour and our bill was enough to make the man behind the counter smile. Then to the print shop. Donna had two print shops busy printing a total of 2000 copies. Again we left with smiling shop owners. Down to the liberia. In a small book store, we hardly had room to stand. Colors, glue, markers, and the like were on display in a glass case. It was much fun to shop this way. Ask to see a product, ask for the price, agree on the item and then ask for 14 more. The shop lady had to run upstairs to her store room several times. She happily did so. We left Cajamarca with our arms full.

Thursday-Saturday was another conference, the 24th convention of the iglesia de dios in Peru. I believe we were close to 100 in attendance. And this time we had work to do. Friday was work day. Donna, Jeanene, Evelyn and I worked from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm organizing Bible lessons and making flannel figures, only stopping briefly for lunch and dinner. Donna´s father Bill, Baltazar, and a friendly helper Daniel also helped making the flannel boards. At the end of the long day Jeanene said with a smile, ´`It feels like Christmas Eve!“

Today we passed out teaching material for children ages 3-12 to 15 different churches. Donna gave a brief instruction on how to use the lessons and flannels. It is our understanding that most churches have limited to no resources for the children in their congregations. We sent these lessons out with prayer that they will be used to teach children about our God and his Word and change lives.

This evening we are all back down in Cajamarca at the Zamora´s home. Total capacity this evening is 15! I´ve been told this is not unusual, their home has been used for many years as a welcoming respite for hermanos y hermanas en Cristo.

Granja Porcon in itself deserves a full post, but it´s late and we have an early start tomorrow. Google it. It´s a Christian cooperation. A farm and tourist spot and community of 2000 people living simple lives harmoniously.

I have few pictures of Porcon. The latter are of this afternoon in Cajamarca.


This trip took about 1 1/2 hours from Lima. It seems almost half that time was spent driving out of the city. It is large, with an abundance of traffic. Many cars, taxis, buses and horns, horns everywhere. As expected we passed many deprived neighborhoods. This was very humbling.

When we arrived in Trapiche we were greeted with hugs and kisses. This caught me off guard and it took me several minutes to regain my composure. I was touched by their sincerity.

Two years ago when Donna, Jeanene and others from our church visited Trapiche their church building was constructed of cane mats for walls and a tarp roof. They are now in four bricked walls and a tin roof. And I believe I saw two light bulbs, which were turned on after dark.

The church sang a song with a tambourine and a drum and enthusiastic hand clapping. Donna, Gerson (Narcisso’s son) and the two men who came with us all spoke briefly. As did Evelyn, Donna’s younger sister. Jeanene said a few words and Donna translated. I wanted to contribute so I led them in “God is so Good” because it has few words and is easy to sing in Spanish.

We then passed out glow sticks to the kids. This was exciting and new for them. Also, we passed out individual packages of soap, toothpaste, colors, etc. that were given to us by members of our church.

During the meeting the older women were busy outside preparing a dinner for us over a wood fire. They served us chicken noodle soup and a semi popped corn. It was all good.

As we started to leave the children kept asking when we would return. We could only answer that we didn’t know. How I wish it wasn’t so far to get to them. Our goodbyes were the same as the hellos. Kissing and hugging and utterances of hermana (sister).

My heart is full and heavy for these people. We all serve the same God and yet our lives are so different. What do I take away from this experience, what can I do?



We have arrived. The flights were non eventful and we made it to our hotel beds around 1am.
Lima is a large city of about 8.5 million. I am thankful Donna is here. She is fluent and experienced in Latin America.
This morning we awoke to the preparations of a parade outside our hotel. Many uniformed policia and business men preparing to march. To my disappointment we missed the procession. But we visited a very nice and modern shopping area in a district called Miraflores. The shops were overwhelmingly American. I think we are saving our tourist dollars for the authentic Inca items.
Next we took a typical double decker tour bus through the city. During the tour we visited cloister San Fransisco, a very ornate church, monastery and catacombs. No pictures were allowed in the catacombs.
We are now waiting for our ride out to Trapiche, a small pueblo (no electricity) and a small congregation.
Gerson (Narcisso’s son) has just arrived. Travel note: they kiss the cheek upon greeting. 🙂
Hasta pronto.

Help Us Gear Up to Go to Peru

On July 28, Jill Van Buren, Jeanene Burns and I will be travelling from our church home at Hilltop Bible Church, along with William Anderson and his daughter Evelyn, from Houston, Texas, to visit Walking Man, Narciso Zamora in Cajamarca, Peru. Among a variety of mission-related activities, we’ll be visiting areas where Pastor Zamora is trying to plant churches, or has recently established small congregations. And we don’t want to show up empty-handed!

Pastor Zamora suggested that the most useful thing we could bring is materials to work with children. Lots of these new congregations begin with a Sunday school children’s ministry, then eventually, the more reserved, if not skeptical, adults follow. We would like to invite your collaboration with us to bring children’s Bible lessons in Spanish, coloring pages, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, flannel board and flannel patterns and more to the fledgling churches that are located in some of the poorest regions of an already poor country. Even in some of the more established congregations, typical Sunday school materials might consist only of paper and pencil.

Between the three of us leaving here from Arkansas, we can bring about 120 pounds of materials. Will you help us reach this goal?

If you live in Clarksville, Ark., you could drop your donation of materials or money at Hilltop Bible Church on Hwy 164, two miles east of Horsehead Lake. You can also mail a check to Hilltop Bible Church, 10257 Hwy 164, Clarksville, AR 72830. Please put “Peru trip supplies” in the memo. If you prefer to pay via PayPal, send your payment to info@thequilldriver.com, and add the message “Peru trip supplies”. We cannot provide a receipt for tax purposes for donations made through PayPal, as The Quilldriver, publisher of Walking Man, is not a nonprofit. Or, if you know Jeanene, Jill or me personally, feel free to give us your donation in person. We are bringing back remembrances of either an Alpaca hat, socks or gloves for anyone making a donation of more than $20 (or $20 worth of supplies). The images below are representative of these cuddly one-size-fits-most hand-made goods. Please specify in a note which you prefer: hat, gloves or socks. Colors will vary. Also, anyone making a donation who would like to learn more about the ministry of Narciso Zamora, I would be happy to provide you with a copy of Walking Man: A Modern Missions Experience in Latin America.

For donations of $20 or more, please select a remembrance: gloves, hat or socks, all are one size fits most and handmade of Alpaca wool. Colors will vary.

Thanks in advance for your financial support, and regardless of your ability to support this effort monetarily, we ask that you lift us up in prayer. Here are some specific ways we would appreciate prayer: That God would make our path straight as we prepare for this journey; give us competency to prepare well and keep us healthy and our families healthy throughout the timeframe of this trip. Jill, William and I are leaving minor children at home with spouses for the two weeks we’re gone, so we ask for your prayers for their care and safety, as well as ours, and that there won’t be too much “missing” going on. Please pray that we would humbly interact with the brothers and sisters we are going to meet in Peru, and that our spirit would be one of servitude. Please pray that we would remain constantly cognizant of our purpose, and that all differences in culture, changes in altitude and possible travel glitches would be cause for joy, as they remind us of our great privilege of bringing glory to God through this trip. And of course, we pray that our presence and presents will be of spiritual blessing and bear fruit in His time.

Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to get updates when Jill, Jeanene or one of the others post updates about experiences and the way in which God is working before, during and after this trip. Subscribing is free and just means you get an email notification of the posts, instead of having to check the blog for updates. Convenient!

Thanks for starting this journey with us!

Donna Lee Schillinger, Publisher, The Quilldriver

Peru’s Earthquake / Terremoto en Perú

I’m been in Peru since June and I go back to Chile September 15th. Currently I’m working in this area laying the foundation for the work my wife and I will start next year with the opening of the new Inter-American Missiology and Theology Ministerial Bible School.

There aren’t any ministers who belong to the Church of God in this area and there are numerous towns and communities that don’t have churches. There’s a need to start working in these places.

I want to ask for your prayers and let everyone know about the natural disaster that occurred in the south of Peru. In January of this year, my wife and I visited the cities of Ica, Pisco and Chincha to plan for future churches in the area. These are impoverished places and we need your prayers for the victims.

The earthquake happened last Wednesday night. It was pretty strong, 7.8 on the Richter scale. All Peru cried when they witnessed the disaster; two streets in Pisco were left full of dead bodies. It was a terrible wake up call that God sent to Peru in order for people to repent. A Catholic church was celebrating mass when the earthquake happened and the wall and the roof fell off and many people died. The fields, the highways and the roads are full of cracks because of the intensity of the earthquake.

They have found 510 dead people, 1080 severely injured and 150 thousand victims in Ica, Pisco, Chincha, Ancash and Lima so far; in the cities of Pisco and Chincha 75% of the houses fell to the ground. The epicenter was about 62 miles out in the ocean. The deceased have been buried in common graves. Today, August 19th, they are still removing debris from the cities and the number of dead people could rise.

The Bible says all things work for good; never has anyone seen Peruvians get together to help victims and now we are all united to help them. We are at about 930 miles away, but today the local government is gathering nonperishable food and clothes. The trucks with the provisions must go out in the morning; it’s a 30-hour trip from this area to Ica.

All Peru and the countries in the Americas have joined as brothers to help the victims get back on their feet: helping hand in hand. As many as 10,000 big and small trucks are arriving from the north and the south with help daily to the affected cities.

The first country that sent help and rescue workers was Bolivia. They sent an airplane with food, medicine and linens; soon a second airplane will arrive with more food and medicine from the Bolivians. Then, an airplane from Panama arrived with water, medicine and food. Next, Chile sent a Hercules airplane with humanitarian help; also, an airplane from Argentina arrived with medicine and tents and a group of rescue workers and paramedics. A second plane with more humanitarian help will arrive from Argentina within the next few days. Brazil sent three Hercules airplanes with humanitarian help, and rescue workers and firefighters specializing in this sort of disaster. A ship will arrive with more help and heavy machinery soon. The U.S. sent doctors and specialists. Mexico sent a ship with humanitarian help, doctors and water. Colombia sent an airplane with food, medicine, water and tents. Germany sent $269,000. Spain sent 14 tons of food, blankets, milk, tuna and water and we are expecting a second airplane with help pretty soon. Venezuela has offered to help with food, medicine and doctors. Canada and Morocco will help with money to rebuild the houses of the victims. The inmates of the Callao’s penitentiary donated two days worth of their own food to help the victims. Japanese scientists arrived to make an investigation of the earthquake.

These are a few facts known as of August 19th, it is possible that within the next few days we will have more news. We are just praying so God will have mercy on this people and they can be saved. In the future we will establish churches where the earthquake affected people the most.

In Jesus, Your Servant

Narciso Zamora

– – –

Estoy en Perú desde el mes antepasado, y regreso a Chile el 15 de septiembre. Actualmente estoy trabajando en esta área y colocando la primera piedra del trabajo que realizaré con mi esposa el próximo año en este lugar al iniciar la escuela Bíblica ministerial y de misiones plantadores de iglesias.
No hay pastores de la iglesia de Dios en esta área, y hay numerosos pueblos y comunidades que no cuentan con iglesias. Hay una clara necesidad de iniciar la obra en estos lugares.

Por intermedio de está misiva quiero pedir oraciones y comunicar al pueblo cristiano del desastre que sucedió en el sur de Perú. En enero de este año, estuve con mi esposa haciendo un poco de turismo y conociendo Ica, Pisco y Chincha para en el futuro plantar iglesias en estas ciudades. Ahora son lugares asolados y necesitamos de sus oraciones por las personas que han quedado damnificadas.

El terremoto fue el miércoles pasado por la noche. Fue bastante fuerte, de 7.8 en la escala de Richter. En realidad todo el Perú llora al mirar el desastre; dos calles en Pisco quedaron llenas de cadáveres. Fue terrible la llamada de atención de Dios al Perú para que la gente se arrepienta. Una iglesia católica estaba realizando su culto cuando el terremoto ocurrió y las paredes y el techo se derrumbaron y mucha gente murió.

Los muertos llegaron a los 510, 1080 heridos graves y 150 mil damnificados en los lugares de Ica, Pisco, Chincha, Ancash y Lima. En las ciudades de Pisco y Chincha el 75 por ciento de las casas se cayeron. El epicentro del terremoto fue a 100 kilómetros adentro del mar. Los muertos han tenido que ser sepultados en fosas comunes. Ahora es 19 de agosto y todavía están moviendo los escombros de las ciudades de tal manera que puede incrementar el número de muertos.

La Biblia dice que todas las cosas ayudan para bien; no se ha visto nunca a los peruanos unirse para ayudar a los damnificados, y ahora todos estamos unidos para ayudarlos. Nosotros ahora estamos a unos 1500 kilómetros de distancia pero este día la municipalidad está haciendo una campaña acá para recaudar víveres no perecibles y ropa. Los camiones con los víveres deben salir mañana; son 30 horas de viaje desde este sector hasta Ica.

Todo el Perú y los países de América se han unido como hermanos para ayudar en esta catástrofe y poder sacar adelante a los damnificados: uno dándole la mano a otro. Los campos, carreteras y caminos están llenos de grietas por la fuerza del terremoto. Están llegando hasta 10 mil camiones grandes y pequeños desde el norte y el sur con ayuda diariamente a las ciudades donde ocurrió la catástrofe.

El primer país que envió ayuda y rescatistas fue Bolivia. Envió un avión con alimentos, medicina y ropa de cama; pronto llegará un segundo avión con más alimentos y medicina de parte de los Bolivianos. Luego llegó un avión con agua, medicina y alimentos desde Panamá; en tercer lugar Chile envió un avión Hércules con ayuda; también llegó un avión de Argentina con alimentos, medicina y carpas, y un grupo de técnicos rescatistas y paramédicos. Un segundo avión con más ayuda humanitaria llegará desde Argentina en el transcurso de estos días. Brasil envió 3 aviones Hércules con ayuda y técnicos en rescates y bomberos especializaos en estos casos. Llegará un barco con más ayuda humanitaria y maquinaria pesada pronto. Estados Unidos envió doctores y especialistas. México envió un barco con ayuda humanitaria, médicos y agua. Colombia envió un avión con alimentos, medicina, agua y carpas. Alemania envió $269 mil. España envió 14 toneladas de alimentos, frazadas, leche, atún y agua, y se espera que llegue otro avión con ayuda humanitaria. Venezuela ha ofrecido ayudar con alimentos, medicina y médicos especialistas. Canadá y Marruecos ayudarán con dinero para reconstruir las casas de los damnificados. Los internos del penal de la provincia del Callao donaron su comida de dos días para ayudar a los damnificados. Llegaron científicos sismólogos japoneses para hacer una investigación sobre el terremoto.

Estos son algunos datos hasta hoy día 19 de agosto, es posible que en los días siguientes tengamos más novedades. Sólo estamos orando para que Dios tenga misericordia de toda esta gente y lleguen a salvarse en algún momento. En el futuro tendremos iglesias allá en esos lugares donde fue la catástrofe.

En Jesús
Vuestro consiervo

Narciso Zamora

Our New Project / Nuestro Nuevo Proyecto

The new project I’m starting in 2008 with my wife Udelia, as I mentioned in my last blog, is to open a new Inter-American Missiology and Theology Ministerial Bible School. I’ve already started familiarizing myself with the place and talking to the communities in the north of Peru. We want to prepare missionaries to plant churches all over the area. The other day we walked to the outside of the city to see about 3 km of land for the school, but we are still working on getting it.

We hope to have opened the school by the beginning of the spring and to have it fully working by next July. Our plan is to offer a major in Missiology and a major in Ministerial Theology. I feel that the Christian movement has sufficiently matured in Latin America so that we can prepare our own people as missionaries. After all, Latin Americans have a distinct advantage in the Latin American mission field in that they know the culture, something missionaries from other places may struggle with for years.
In this remote area of Peru close to the Amazon jungle there aren’t any bible schools and we need to work hard to send missionaries to all the communities in this part of the country, and then move on to other countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, among many others that need our help.
Right now we don’t have any money to begin our project, but we believe that God will help us when we begin.

God bless,

Narciso Zamora

– – –

El nuevo proyecto que iniciaré en 2008 con mi esposa Udelia es abrir una nueva Escuela Bíblica y de Misiones para preparar misioneros plantadores de iglesias. Ya empecé a familiarizarme en el campo y a platicar con las comunidades en la zona andina norte del Perú, sobre las montañas cerca de la selva amazónica. Hemos caminado afuera de la ciudad para conseguir un terreno de unos 3 mil metros para la escuela Bíblica pero aún estamos trabajando para conseguirlo.
Esperamos poder abrir la escuela para el inicio de la primavera y tenerla funcionando para Julio. Planeamos ofrecer dos carreras una es Misiología y Teología Ministerial. Siento que el movimiento Cristiano ha madurado lo suficiente en América Latina como para preparar nuestra propia gente como misioneros. Especialmente porque los latinoamericanos tienen una ventaja grande in el campo de misiones en Latino América porque conocen la cultura, algo con lo que misioneros de otras partes del mundo luchan por años. En esta área no existen escuelas bíblicas y necesitamos trabajar para enviar misioneros plantadores de iglesias a todas las comunidades y ciudades de este sector, de todo el país y luego a los países vecinos como Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, entre muchos otros que necesitan nuestra ayuda.
En este momento nosotros no tenemos el dinero como para empezar pero si creemos que nuestro Dios nos ayudará cuando empecemos.


Narciso Zamora

Trip to Uruguay / Viaje a Uruguay

These next three months I’ll be working very hard. Last week I spent it in Chile after returning from the mountains of Peru. Yesterday I traveled to Uruguay to visit the pastors and congregations we have there. I am the president of the Inter-American Conference of the Church of God and the rest of the board members recommended I came and visited this country. I have a forum in Argentina October 1-3 and after that I’ll meet again with the board and inform them about my activities in Uruguay. My next stop is Brazil; I’ll stay there until mid-October and return to Chile to receive the regional Coordinator for Latin America, Barbara Miller, who will be there for three days. I’ll travel back to the mountains of Peru in November for an evangelistic crusade and stay until December 4th. After that I plan on going to Lima and start making travel arrangements for the book tour in the U.S. of my autobiography Walking Man: A Modern Missions Experience in Latin America this upcoming June and July.
In Jesus,
Narciso Zamora

– – –

Estos próximos 3 meses estaré trabajando arduamente. La semana pasada la pasé en Chile después de regresar de las montañas de Perú. Ayer viajé a Uruguay a visitar a los pastores y congregaciones que tenemos ahí. Yo soy el presidente de la Conferencia Interamericana de la Iglesia de Dios y el resto de los miembros de la junta directiva me recomendaron qe viniera y visitara este país. Tengo un foro que atender en Argentina del primero al tres de octubre y después me reuniré de nuevo con la junta directiva para informales de mi visita a Uruguay. Mi próximo destino es Brasil; estaré ahí hasta mediados de octubre y regresaré a Chile a recibir al coordinador regional de Latinoamérica, Barbara Millar, quien estará aquí por tres días. Después voy a viajar a las montañas de Perú en noviembre para una cruzada evangelística y me quedaré ahí hasta el cuatro de diciembre. Después de eso planeo visitar Lima y estar organizando mis planes de viaje para el tour de mi libro, Caminante con Dios: El Trabajo Misionero en América Latina, por Estados Unidos en junio y julio de 2008.
En Jesús,
Narciso Zamora

Conferencia Interamericana de la Iglesia de Dios

This is a report of the work we’ve been doing over the last few days. The Church of God Cono Sur de America gathered October first, second and third for a series of conferences and group analysis in Alem, a province of Misiones, Argentina.
About 50 pastors were there for the Inter-American Conference of the Church of God. The coordinators thought it would be convenient for pastors to get together based on the geographical areas they live in to discuss “hot topics” and prepare them to deal with them.
Every six months a conference must take place in different areas of America: the South, Central America and the Caribbean. The regional coordinator of Global Missions has assumed this scheduling work.
The subjects that we are dealing with include Explosive Evangelism: Methods and Strategies, Missions and Evangelism: A Vital Century for the Church and the New Visions for the Future, Uses and Abuses of the Radio, Television, and Mass Communications.
As of today the speaking engagements have been returning positive results because some countries are taking seriously Jesus’ mandate of “go make disciples.” New churches are being started with new centers of ministerial preparation.
This time Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia got together for the regional conference.
The joint work is helping the church to grow, to dissipate the problems and get a new vision towards the future.
We’re planning on having a conference for all Latin America from January 26th to the 30th in Chile, the subjects to cover will be:

1. How to solve family conflicts
2. Sexual abuse and pastoral support
3. Reaching families for Christ

We will have workshops about the different issues and meetings with the children of other pastors that are currently serving the Lord in the different ministries. The young people will have a special day to dialogue. They will have Gerson Zamora, 27, as a tutor and speaker pastor. Zamora graduated with a degree in Biblical Sciences and has a master’s degree in Theology
For the course of four days the teachers will work with the children of the assisting couples. This next conference in Chile is meant to unify even more the married couples and to help them value the marriage as a divine institution.
We will keep working so that the Church of God in South America gains strength and grows with a new vision towards the future,

Prayers in Jesus Christ,

Narciso Zamora

– – –

Este es un reporte del trabajo que hemos estado realizando durante los últimos días. La Iglesia de Dios Cono Sur de América se reunió el primero, segundo y tercero de Octubre para una serie de conferencias y análisis en grupo en Alem, provincia de Misiones, Argentina.
Cerca de 50 pastores se presentaron para la Conferencia Interamericana de la Iglesia de Dios. Los coordinadores pensaron que sería conveniente para los pastores que los grupos se hicieran de acuerdo a las áreas geográficas de dónde provenían para discutir temas candentes y prepararlos para lidiar con ellos. Cada seis meses se debe realizar una conferencia en diferentes áreas de América, ya sea en el Sur, Centro América o el Caribe. El coordinador regional de misiones globales ha asumido la tarea de organizar el horario de éstas.
Los temas con los que estamos lidiando es Evangelismo Explosivo: Métodos y Estrategias, Misiones y Evangelismo: Un Siglo Vital para la Iglesia y Nuevas Visiones para el Futuro, Usos y Abusos de la Radio, Televisión, y las Comunicaciones Masivas.
Las conferencias han estado dando resultados positivos hasta el día de hoy ya que algunos países están tomando seriamente el mandato de Jesús de “id y haced discípulos.” Iglesias nuevas se están fundando con nuevos centros de preparación ministerial.
Esta vez Brasil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile y Bolivia se reunieron para la conferencia regional.
El trabajo en conjunto está ayudando a la iglesia a crecer, a disipar los problemas y a obtener una nueva visión del futuro.
Estamos planeando tener una conferencia para todo América Latina del 26 al 30 de enero en Chile, los temas a ver incluirán:

1. Cómo resolver conflictos de familia
2. Abuso sexual y el apoyo pastoral
3. Alcanzando a las familias para Cristo

Tendremos talleres acerca de los diferentes temas y reuniones con los niños de los otros pastores que actualmente están sirviéndole a Dios en diferentes ministerios. Los jóvenes tendrán un diálogo especial con mi hijo, el pastor Jerson Zamora de 27 años, que los guiará como tutor y pastor orador. Él se graduó con un título en Ciencias Bíblicas y sacó un master en Teología.
Durante cuatro días los maestros trabajarán con los niños de las parejas asistentes. Esta próxima conferencia en Chile tiene como propósito unificar aún más a las parejas casadas y ayudarlos a valorar el matrimonio como una institución sagrada.
Seguiremos trabajando para que la Iglesia de Dios en Sur América siga ganando fuerza y crezca con una nueva visión del futuro.

Oraciones en Cristo Jesús,

Narciso Zamora

Arriving to Lima / Llegando a Lima

We have just arrived in Lima, Peru, to travel on to the mountains and begin our new missionary project. Here in Lima, we were robbed of our suitcases, our passports, all our personal documents and the $6,000 in cash we had withdrawn from the bank in Chile to begin the work in the mountains. They took everything. We have no clothes, no papers, no money – this is terrible. We are just waiting on the Lord to bless us in this future work.
Thanks to God that Udelia wasn’t alone because otherwise she could have been hurt. We had gone out and left the suitcases inside a room in a church at Lima, and it was then when someone broke the front doors and broke into the room where our luggage was and they took it.
We need your prayers. We have to keep on with this project. Next week I’m scheduled to travel to the mountains to conduct an evangelistic campaign in a gymnasium.

Pray for the Lord to help us!

Narciso Zamora

– – –

Acabamos de llegar a Lima, Perú para viajar a las montañas y empezar nuestro nuevo proyecto misionero. Aquí en Lima nos robaron nuestras maletas, pasaportes, todos nuestros documentos personales y los seis mil dólares en efectivo que habíamos sacado del banco en Chile para empezar el trabajo en las montañas. Se llevaron todo. No tenemos ropa, papeles, dinero, es una situación terrible. Sólo estamos esperando que el Señor nos bendiga en este trabajo a futuro. Gracias a Dios que Udelia no estaba sola porque si no la podrían haber lastimado. Nosotros habíamos salido y dejamos las maletas dentro de un cuarto en una iglesia en Lima, y fue en ese momento que alguien rompió las puertas del frente y entró al cuarto donde estaba nuestro equipaje y se lo llevó.
Necesitamos sus oraciones. Tenemos que continuar con este proyecto. La próxima semana tengo que viajar a las montañas para conducir una campaña evangelística en un gimnasio.

¡Récenle a Dios para que nos ayude!

Narciso Zamora

God’s Wisdom / La Sabiduría de Dios

Greetings in the name of Jesus! We wish you lots of blessings from the Lord in your life and ministry; may this year 2008 be a year of victory and success for every God’s minister. There will always be a battle to fight and we will always win. In our way there are thousands of obstacles but Jesus is victorious and therefore, we are winners in the Lord. Every day that goes by is a challenge to keep living and ministering, it is a school to keep learning and I thank the Lord daily for polishing us like fine gold. Sometimes the fights are hard but we will always win if we stick with Christ.
In November I was in Lima, Peru, we traveled to spread God’s word in the mountains and we were robbed. We lost it all and my wife got sick. She doesn’t see or hear very well since they removed a tumor from her head. This robbery was terrible for her and for me as well. My wife even lost her balance for walking and she was falling all over the place. In one of those falls she broke her glasses making things worse because she needed them and we had to invest money we didn’t have in getting her new ones.
Pastor José and his girlfriend Rosita helped us with $150 for traveling expenses and the church in Lima gave us $100 to get my wife a new passport and send her back to Chile immediately. I had to keep traveling through the mountains of Peru without luggage and worried. I traveled an entire day and made it to Chota where we were going to hold the evangelistic campaign. We had 2 preachers that joined us, David and Daniel, and over the next four nights 14 people accepted Jesus as their savior. The following week we had more than 14 at the meeting, God had brought many more to the Church; it was a complete success thanks to God’s help.
The Lord in his kindness is wonderful and one sister, Donna, gave me $200 to get my documents and travel to Chile to see my wife. It took me 4 days and nights to get there.
My brothers, I had a lot of bitterness in my heart for a full month. During Christmas I received a phone call from Petra, pastor Isai Calderon’s wife from Guatemala, and she told me, “brother Narciso, three days ago some thieves broke into our house and took all our things and the machinery we had, and the Lord spoke to me through a pastor last night and his message was that this robbery will help me grow and that I shouldn’t curse the thieves but learn to love.”
That call and the few words from sister Petra made me land and December 31 we had a dinner with the brothers in the church and held a service since 10 p.m. until midnight. There, I told the Lord “take this bitterness out and all the bad that lives in my heart against the thieves that robbed us, I am not well, help me!” Now, I am happy because Jesus has done his work in my life again and has taught me a new lesson about being patient and keep loving people in the world despite all the evil.
My brothers may the Lord fill your life with peace and love this year and I wish you many successes in the labor of serving God,

Your friend and co-servant,

Narciso Zamora

Bendiciones en el nombre de Jesús. Les deseamos muchas bendiciones del Señor en su vida y ministerio; que este 2008 sea un año de victoria y éxitos para cada ministro de Dios. Siempre habrá una batalla que pelear y siempre la ganaremos. En nuestro camino hay miles de obstáculos pero Jesús es victorioso y por esto, nosotros somos ganadores in el Señor. Cada día que pasa es un reto para continuar viviendo y ministereando, es una escuela para seguir aprendiendo y le agradezco al Señor a diario por pulirnos como oro fino. A veces las peleas son duras pero nosotros siempre ganaremos si nos apegamos de Cristo.
En noviembre estaba en Lima, Perú. Viajamos para esparcir la palabra de Dios en las montañas y nos robaron. Lo perdimos todo y mi esposa se enfermó. Ella no ve ni oye bien desde que removieron un tumor de su cabeza. Este robo fue terrible para ella y para mí también. Mi esposa hasta perdió su balance al caminar y se estaba cayendo por todos lados. En una de esas caídas quebró sus anteojos, lo que hizo la situación aún peor, ya que ella los necesita y teníamos que invertir dinero que no teníamos en conseguir unos nuevos.
El pastor José y su novia Rosita nos ayudaron con $150 para los gastos del viaje y la iglesia en Lima nos dio $100 para pagar el pasaporte de mi esposa y enviarla de vuelta a Chile inmediatamente. Yo tenía que seguir viajando por las montañas de Perú sin equipaje y preocupado. Viajé un día completo y llegué a Chota adonde íbamos a tener una campaña evangelística. Teníamos dos predicadores que se nos unieron, David y Daniel, y durante las próximas cuatro noches 14 personas aceptaron a Jesús como su salvador. La semana siguiente tuvimos más de 14 en la reunión, Dios había traído muchos más a la iglesia; fue un éxito total gracias a la ayuda de Dios.
El Señor en su amabilidad es maravilloso y una hermana, Donna, me dio $200 para conseguir mis documentos y viajar a Chile a ver a mi esposa. Me tomó cuatro días y cuatro noches para llegar ahí.
Mis hermanos, yo tenía mucho resentimiento en mi corazón por un mes completo. Durante Navidad recibí una llamada de la hermana Petra, la esposa del pastor Isai Calderón de Guatemala, y ella me dijo: “Hermano Narciso, hace tres días unos ladrones se metieron a robar a mi casa y se llevaron todo, incluyendo una maquinaria que teníamos, y anoche el Señor me habló a través de un pastor y me dijo que este robo me iba a ayudar a crecer y que no debía maldecir a los ladrones sino aprender a amar?
Esa llamada y las pocas palabras de la hermana Petra me hicieron aterrizar y el 31 de diciembre tuvimos una cena con los hermanos de la iglesia y tuvimos un servicio de 10 a 12 de la noche. Allí le dije al Señor “Quítame este resentimiento contra los ladrones que se llevaron nuestras cosas del corazón, no estoy bien, ayúdame.” Ahora estoy feliz porque una vez más Jesús ha hecho su trabajo en mí y me ha enseñado una nueva lección acerca de ser paciente y seguir amando a la gente a pesar del mal que existe en el mundo.
Mis hermanos, que el Señor llene sus vidas con paz y amor este año y quiero desearles muchos éxitos en su labor de servir al Señor este año.

Su amigo y co-servidor,

Narciso Zamora

Gratitude / Gratitud

We’re so grateful for the help that people have been sending us. We are using the gifts to purchase things we need for the house. We didn’t have anything. We have been living in a room in the church but now we can buy things like furniture, pots and pans, silverware, dishes, beds and linens.
This weekend, we are conducting a seminar to prepare teachers to work with the children in the church. Some teachers from the Baptist church will be helping to teach this seminar. We expect to end up with about 20 trained workers to go out in the surrounding area to evangelize, working with children and youth.
Then in February, we’re planning a youth camp. We’re expecting a large number of youth who are not Christians. Pray for us as we evangelize among these youth.

In Christ,

Pastor Narciso Zamora

– – –

Estamos muy agradecidos por la ayuda que la gente nos ha estado mandando. Estamos usando esos regalos para comprar cosas que necesitamos en la casa. No teníamos nada. Hemos estado viviendo en un cuarto en la iglesia pero ahora podemos comprar cosas como muebles, ollas y sartenes, cubiertos, platos, camas y cobijas.
Este fin de semana tendremos un seminario para preparar maestros para trabajar con niños en la iglesia. Algunos maestros de la iglesia Bautista nos ayudarán a enseñar este seminario. Esperamos terminar con cerca de 20 trabajadores entrenados para salir en las áreas cercanas y evangelizar trabajando con niños y jóvenes.
Luego en febrero estamos planeando un campamento juvenil. Estamos esperando una cantidad considerable de jóvenes que no son cristianos. Ore por nosotros mientras evangelizamos a estos jóvenes.

En Cristo,

Pastor Narciso Zamora

Working with the Children / Trabajando con los niños

Yesterday we finished the work we had planned with the children. We had about 65 kids over the course of a week. The parents were amazed with our work and so did the children. It was a week tough for me; there was a lot to get done. With the gifts some brothers and sisters sent I was able to purchase cookies, drinks and make copies of the material for the children.
The 28th we will start workshops with young people, 13 to 25 year olds. I hired a pastor from Lima to help me out with the work since teenagers and young adults relate better with their own and this pastor is young. He will be working with us for three days. We are praying to God that we can succeed and that these young people will open their hearts to Jesus and let him in.

Many blessings in Jesus Christ,


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ayer terminamos el trabajo con los niños. Tuvimos cerca de 65 niños en el transcurso de una semana. Los padres estaban maravillados con el trabajo así como los mismos niños.
Fue una semana de mucho trabajo para mí y usé el dinero que he recibido últimamente para todas estas actividades y compré materiales, refrescos y galletas, e hice fotocopias.
El 28 empezamos los talleres con jóvenes de 13 a 25 años. Contraté un pastor de Kima para que me ayude con el trabajo ya que los adolescentes y adultos jóvenes se llevan mejor con personas de edad similar y éste pastor es joven. Él estará trabajando con nosotros por tres días. Estamos orándole a Dios para que podamos tener éxito y que estos jóvenes le abran el corazón a Jesús y lo dejen entrar.

Muchas bendiciones en Cristo Jesús,


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